About the firm

Kancelaria DST Dąbrowski Szewczyk-Tomasiak Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Spółka Partnerska has been founded as a response to the market demand for the highest quality legal consulting services.


The firm is run by two professional attorneys at law, both with many years of experience in legal and tax counseling, which they acquired when they worked for such companies as KPMG, Ernst&Young, Deloitte and others.


The purpose of Kancelaria DST Dąbrowski Szewczyk-Tomasiak Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Spółka Partnerska is responsible advisory. Acting in accordance to this credo, the firm provides their Clients with legal and tax solutions that guarantee the security of undertaken business decisions together with eliminating any possible jeopardy that may occur in business.


Our aim is to provide our Clients with comprehensive support in solving any current legal and tax issues that may occur while running business, as well as any kind of judicial and court proceedings, including the ones before tax authorities.


Thanks to our knowledge and experience, legal consulting services for the firm’s Clients, among others, include tax issues, what iscurrentlyan essential part of any business. In any case, the solutions that we advise are embedded in a proper business context, that directly refers to a particular kind of the Clients’ activity.


Our firm cooperates with other solicitors, consultants and firms, what gives us the opportunity to provide our Clients with comprehensive, interdisciplinary services.

In our team, there are attorneys at law and tax advisors that specialize in business support…

Our team

Aleksander Dąbrowski

partner, attorney at law, tax advisor

He has been an attorney at law since 2004. He is also a licensed tax advisor. Between 1998-2017 he was a tax advisor for KPMG. His expertise covers such fields as fiscal law and economic law...



Agnieszka Szewczyk-Tomasiak

partner, attorney at law, tax advisor

She has been working as a law consultant since 2001. She is an attorney at lawand tax advisor. She acquired her professional experience while working for Ernst&Young, Deloitte, KPMG and others. Agnieszka specializes in tax consulting - in particular VAT taxation...



Comprehensive legal support for entrepreneurs in many fields of law...

Our services

Our company provides our Clients with comprehensive legal service. We support our Clients in many fields of law. All the details are listed below:

Corporate law

  • Legal services for the current functioning of companies
  • Preparing drafts of companies’ agreements
  • Preparing documentation required for registration in the National Company Register, for obtaining licenses, allowances and permissions to conduct regulated activities
  • Preparing corporate documents of companies (regulations of company’s governing bodies, resolutions of company’s governing bodies)
  • Counseling on company’s current matters
  • Legal and tax advisory support in company’s liquidation process (in particular, preparing proper documentation, representing the company before the registry court, representing the company in relations with its creditors)



Law on contracts

  • Drawing up and assessment contracts and agreements, developing contract templates
  • Negotiating articles and provisions of agreements
  • Advising in the process of agreements’ execution, solving any disputes occurring in agreements’ fulfillment
  • Representing before the court in cases related to non-performance or improper performance of an agreement’s conditions, including compensation proceedings
  • Legal analysis of agreements and drafts drawn up by the Clients
  • Indicating and analysis of potential risks related to contractual provisions
  • Comprehensive counseling in relevant area



Tax law

  • Current tax advisory service and support in developing tax-optimal solutions
  • Preparing applications for individual interpretation by the Ministry of Finance
  • Preparing legal opinions and analysis of tax regulations
  • Representation before the court and tax authorities in tax proceedings
  • Comprehensive counseling in relevant area
  • Registration for VAT purposes in Poland
  • VAT compliance services
  • VAT refund



Transfer Pricing

  • Preparing transfer pricing documentation
  • Analysis of transfer pricing based on examination of comparable transaction (benchmark study)
  • Analysis and assessment of documents drawn up by Clients in terms to their compliance with the requirements of Polish tax law
  • Documenting transactions related to the acquisition of intangible services (creating so called „defense file”)
  • Analysis and assessment of risk related to transfer pricing, analysis of agreements in terms of their compliance with tax regulations related transfer pricing
  • Transfer pricing reviews
  • Preparing agreements for transactions between related entities
  • Comprehensive counseling in relevant area



Labor law

  • Comprehensive legal service of employee matters
  • Drawing up and assessment employee documentation (employment contracts, managerial contracts, non-competition agreements, remuneration regulations, work regulations)
  • Legal opinions referring to labor law
  • Legal support in negotiations with employees in individual and collective disputes
  • Representation in court proceedings in employee matters




  • Legal analysis of possible claims and risks related to them
  • Sending pre-litigation payment requests to debtors, or other demands to debtors that are provided for by law
  • Representing the Clients in court proceedings before the courts of all instances, and also before the arbitration courts, together with drawing up lawsuits, responses to lawsuits, calls for payment, calls for settlement, further pleadings and appeals
  • Representing the Clients in executive proceedings and proceedings to secure claims



Fiscal penal law

  • Drawing up and verifying procedures regulating the principles of liability of persons responsible for the accuracy of financial settlements, including public liabilities and circulation of tax-settlement records
  • Representing in preparatory proceedings and before the court
  • Preparing complaints, appeals, last resort appeals
  • legal support for suspects, accused persons, convicted persons
  • Comprehensive counseling in relevant area



Environment protection

  • Representing before administrative bodies in matters related to obtaining environmental decisions, permits required under Water Law Act, environmental fee, product fee
  • Representing in cases of environmental regulations violation
  • Legal advisory in cases related to waste management
  • Legal service of emissions trading process
  • Legal analysis of the consequences of the company's activities in terms of liability for environmental damage
  • Comprehensive counseling in relevant area



Transformations, mergers, acquisitions of companies

  • Legal advisory within the scope of legal optimization of business activity
  • Due diligence
  • Preparing documents necessary for the proces of acquisitions, transformations, mergers (letters of intent, confidentiality obligations contracts, shareholders’ agreements, etc.)
  • Representing the company before the registry court in the process of transformation/merger/acquisition
  • Comprehensive counseling in relevant area




The firm is looking for associates open to new challenges. If you are a solicitor trainee, tax advisor, solicitor or attorney and you want to develop your professional career in our firm, please, feel invited to contact us. We provide attractive work conditions in a friendly and nice environment, but above all, we provide the opportunity of taking part in interesting and challenging advisory projects being carried out for the benefit of our Clients.

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